Personal information submitted to the website

MRHFM greatly values the privacy of our visitors. We will not collect personal information about site visitors, unless visitors voluntarily provide their information through correspondence. Any information that you send us in an e-mail message or inquiry submitted through the internet might not be secure. Maune Raichle Hartley French & Mudd, LLC makes efforts to protect personal information submitted by users of the website. However, you should take the fact that the internet is not guaranteed to be secure and confidential when submitting personal or confidential data about yourself on any website, including this one.

Additionally, while this website does not gather your name, e-mail address or similar information about you without your knowledge or consent, the website does permit you to voluntarily submit data about yourself so that we can provide you with requested services or information. The information gathered will not be sold to third parties for marketing purposes. There is NO guarantee that we will respond to all inquiries or requests for information. We specifically PROHIBIT the use of inquiry forms in any attempt to sell products.

If you are interested in having us represent you, you should submit an inquiry or call Maune Raichle Hartley French & Mudd, LLC.

The telephone number for the office is 1-866-373-5000. We reserve the right to decline any representation. We may be required to decline representation if it would create a conflict of interest with our other clients or because of other reasons, ethical or otherwise.

If you would like your personal information removed from all correspondence in the future, after you originally submit your information willingly, please call the office at 1-866-373-5000 or complete this form to do so.