About David

A partner at Maune, Raichle, Hartley, French & Mudd, LLC, David Amell exclusively represents workers and their families who have been injured by asbestos. David lives in Oakland, CA.


  • University of San Francisco School of Law
  • Kalamazoo College

Practice Area

  • Mesothelioma


David is a seasoned litigator, having handled asbestos personal injury and wrongful death cases for close to a decade. David successfully litigated a number of cases on behalf of workers who were exposed to asbestos through their work in the building trades, including a 55-year-old pipefitter who received more than $4.5 million. Other notable accomplishments include serving as counsel in a case that yielded $6 million in settlements for a 62-year-old physical therapist who contracted cancer through her husband's occupational exposure to asbestos-containing talc.

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